Hello world!

Once upon a time I was young and foolish. Now I’m older, probably equally foolish but far better informed. Somewhere along the line I realized that I liked tennis, sushi, traveling, reading, writing and a bunch of other things with creative essences. I have an obsessive personality and writing, all forms of it, is what obsesses me most now. I can with equal confidence say that not writing often results in unbearable emotional constipation.

I like food and food for thought way too much to suffer from such a condition.

This first blog is not so much a blog as an exhortation. I have to keep following the path I’m on. Nothing in life happens by accident and so it seems to be no accident that I’m making a concerted effort to express my thoughts more publicly.

I sense that writing is really intended to connect us more to the world around us than to get lost in ourselves so i don’t want my writing to feel like it’s just about me. I’m just one person and kind of boring at that. But the world around me is pretty damned interesting!


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