Shoud I stay or should I go?

After almost 13 years of living here in Miami I’ve started to fantasize . A lot.

No not the type of fantasies that normal men have here. Just the opposite. I’ve fantasized about leaving, about going somewhere far less exotic, hedonistic and bucksome. Maybe it is time to break up.

Not necessarily to start life over, but to escape the perpetual feeling of being stuck in an annoying hybrid of The Truman Show and Groundhog Day. Besides, for someone with wanderlust, I sure do a poor job of changing venues.


Life is short. Spin it any way we want but it’s still short. Short enough to want to see if the grass is greener on the other side. Short enough to question whether the motivation that brought someone to a place and the rationalizations that keep him there are good enough reasons to stay . Besides, little bit of novelty does a man some good. My reasons for considering leaving here are almost identical to those that brought me. It’s a vacation spot. My brain and sometimes spirit are starting to suffer from living in the worlds largest health spa. I’ve gotten soft and rather spoiled.
Image So I will use this blog to consider other options. Chances are like the novel I have let dissolve, this will be a case of more talk than walk. But it’s fun to entertain the thought. Here’s a short list:

New York. There has to be a reason other than the inexpensive hotdogs that 15 million people live in the city. Even though it’s ridiculously large ironically there’s also something compact about it that’s attractive. Plus it never lacks for noise which is much as I deny it is a good thing. And if all fails with the job search, I can always say I’m an aspiring playwright


Washington DC . They say you can never go home again but there’s a reason why something is home in the first place. For all of its foibles Capitol Hill is one of the most beautiful and interesting institutions in America.  Besides when you really get to know DC you will realize it’s only a fraction of what this amazing city has to offer. Politics grabs the headlines, but what is either behind the scenes or not subject to self-serving gridlocks that deserves much of attention

: it’s hard to state as the penultimate white guy but the East Coast/ West coast rivalry applies to much more than just music. It’s a way of life, a slightly myopic and arbitrary dichotomy between the coasts but still.  California seems so much more interesting whether it’s the varied landscape, the way in which it’s portrayed in movies or just how it sounds. There is something about it that says:

“You can only pretend you’re just an East Coast Guy for so long. Stop being such a panzy and get your ass out here.”

New Hampshire: flight of fancy. Not sure if I can get used to small town life again but I do miss skiing, skating.and the more natural life. It’s not everywhere where you can get from one end of the town to the other in less than 15 minutes….and on your bike


Paris: hmm, je parle francais. Plus it would be damned cool to say that I live in Paris I haven’t ever lived in Europe but it’s never too late to make a good change.

Israel: This kind of speaks for itself. We Jews are supposed to make the pilgrimage at least once.  Plus If i live in Tel Aviv, I get all the benefits of Miami plus a real historical and spiritual experience And everyone needs a little danger in his/her life. In Miami, the most dangerous thing is, well, everythiing is a little dangerous but in a stupid way.

Anywhere but here

Sorry Miami. I’m not knocking you…. you have had a hell of a growth spurt and are a lot of fun. But I’m not the same guy I was when I got here. In some respects, I’m worse but I’m open to change….


P.S.:   I’m not going anywhere, at least not any time soon. It’s just nice to play the what if game. But in the next life, I’ll ready to be a vagabond