At long last……

After a long, agonizing and often confusing wait, I got married on Saturday. That’s right, married. It still sounds weird to say but every time I say it, I truly feel like a man.

I have finally gotten married. It’s the highlight of my life and the ultimate example of how life happens when we are busy making other plans. Aside from the fact that I had sort of lost hope in the possibility of getting married, I never would have expected to have married such a beautiful and wonderful wife.

Of course getting married involves a series of challenges and no I am not referring to finding the perfect ring. I am referring to the wedding itself, a bizzare combination of celebrating, self-torturing, testing one’s sanity and just figuring out how strong the bonds of engagement are.

In our case, we were able to meet all four characteristics quite easily. We celebrated and really feel like everyone at the wedding was able to share in the revelry. We self-tortured too, knowing that as all the dominoes started to fall, we could have made the wedding significantly easier on ourselves but at the same time, wouldn’t have done it any other way knowing how much the day meant to us and the people closest to us.

As for the testing one’s sanity, we are still in the process of that as we are in the midst of a honeymoon in Anguilla that we probably would not have chosen given a redo and more facts at our disposal. It’s a little bit like going from the ultimate high to a meditation center without the zen gurus to lead you to enlightenment. At least the hotel is truly beautiful and the weather is amazing

Fortunately on the last issue, we passed all the tests. The bonds of our engagement held strong throughout the engagement process and no matter what, we are committed to this very beautiful experience of being married and building a life together. We already have a wonderful child on the way and cant wait to see what this next phase of our lives has in store for us. They say if you can survive a wedding you can survive anything so we really look forward to enjoying the fruits of that promise.