Deja vu – Decision Time

LeBron leaving Miami? Say it isn’t so.

benedict-arnold-traitor-jpg   the thinker

I wrote some if this yesterday and the rest earlier in the week.  It will be pretty clear what is the  before and after commentary.

What’s done is done but it’s nice to get the thoughts out of my head.

The only constant in life is change, an axiom I understand very well but struggle to practice.

Now that the dust has settled, a few things are clear. Lebron James never
reallly made Miami his home. It was a vacation spot. Or to use another analogy,
he never divorced his first wife. Miami was simply his mistress and he called
off the affair after 4 years.

Only Lebron can play God like this. There is no player in the NBA and perhaps in any sport who has so much leverage. I would add chutzpah and at times, insensitivity to the description.


Before:  (This is how I felt on Tuesday)

People are fickle. So are sports. Despite the lack of longevity Lebron has had
in Miami, his leaving now would be like Bill Gates leaving Microsoft, or better,
our thumbs being removed from our hands. The future would seem grim at best.
Yes history does repeat itself. But sometimes it doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Of course we can never know what drives a person or what their next goal is but
the man seemed to be at the peak of his career and in the penultimate situation in Miami. He went from quasi-purgatory to paradise. He went from the most talented player in the NBA to the best player and a two time NBA champion with many more to come.

I’m not sure how I feel about the situation but regardless of the decision he
makes I now empathize with what the city of Cleveland experienced. First he’s
turncoat to them and now if he doesn’t go back he’s a tease

No one likes to see a beloved king exchange one throne for another. But that’s
the King’s right.

And how quickly we create and get attached to an icon.  In this case it doesn’t seem
irrational. He was a superhero in a city of celebrities and superstars. If anything, Lebron has exceeded the Hurculean, him against the world expectations and provided the ultimate tonic for a city in flux and distraction against the mundane nature of our everyday lives.

In the end, as trite as it sounds, he just has to make a decision and live it. Keeping two cities and franchises who have deified him hanging in the balance does tarnish his legacy.

For some reason, I think the consequences of the decision will be far easier for him to live with than the legions of fans he has in both cities.