#I’m still with her

One day, I will get over Tuesday’s/Wed. early morning election results, or whatever we want to call this presidential competition. TV wields so much power that I am a little surprised they didn’t just have one last debate on Tuesday, then have the viewership phone in its preference American Idol style.

Besides, I think it would have been good to embarrass the candidates a little; make them each sing their favorite song to get a better sense of their true selves.

Chances are Trump would have gone for “I’m just a Gigolo” or “Born in the USA” while Hillary’s song of choice – a Katy Perry jingle or “Run the World” {Note, I have no idea what the latter song is but upon searching  feminist songs, I found out it was a Beyonce title track)


But I will get over it one day, likely in about four years. By then senility will have kicked in and I won’t even know how to spell president.

I am a not a Trumpophobe, at least not yet. I just don’t have the slightest clue how the guy pulled off the most notorious political heist in American history but that’s going to take awhile to fully process

For my Republican friends, this may be your jumping off point. But I say read on.

America’s heartland reduced this all-to0-vital election into ridiculous twitter tags, dehumanizing labels and vile caricatures of each candidate. It trivialized the discussion and turned what should have been a pivotal turn in American political history into quite the farce. Good for Saturday Night Live, lousy for the other six days of the week.

Yesterday I was in complete shock. Today a combination of denial, anger, and resignation. Shock because nothing went according to form. Denial that the basis on which the decisions were made seems to have nothing to do with the modern day reality. And resignation, because there is no turning back.

I recognize absence makes the heart grow fonder, but I was a Hillary guy from the time she first ran for president. It takes chutzpah for a woman to aim so high, to try to break into the most powerful old-boys network in the world.

There was something appealing, despite the pants-suit threat to male hegemony and slight Machiavellianism that characterized the Clintons. She was resilient, incredibly self-motivated and followed the old dictum of “speaking softly and carrying a big stick”. In short, she was fearless.

Eventually Obamamania caught fire and Hillary had no chance to defeat him. In retrospect, I’m glad it worked out that way because Obama was the right person at the right time, the right person to bring a combination of hipness, intellectualism and historical precedence to the White House. Obama not only broke the color barrier; he also broke the character barrier.

Fast forward seven years. Hillary, fresh off a successful run as Secretary of State {not an easy task given our existing foreign entanglements and those percolating with the Arab Spring}, becomes the Democratic fan favorite and declares her intentions to follow Obama into the White House by declaring on April 12, 2014. ( Ironically the same day I got married).


She didn’t make her announcement with a lot of fanfare nor bravado. No outlandish comments. No even mentioning of trying to continue the Clinton legacy. Just quiet assurance that she was more seasoned for  the job.

Trying to become the first female president was a Herculean task. No other female candidate had even come close. Look what happened when Palin and Ferraro were chosen as VP’s.  I’m sure Hillary knew challenges awaited, from within the part and of course, from the right. But there was no way to prepare for the all out guerrilla warfare tactics which awaited.

I could go on and on about the ambush she has endured the last 18 months. Sure politics has become a bloodsport, but that doesn’t imply going for the jugular at all costs to decency.

The smear campaign regarding Benghazi and the email server, email server, email server, email server, email server, email server, brought partisan OCD to a medically untreatable level. In fact, if I ever hear the word email server again in a political discussion, I might have to say revres liame, revres liame, revres liame (dyslexia anyone?) to the tune of “Afternoon Delight” just to cope.

Between the ______  _______, the absurd accusations about her health, Clinton Foundation lies and the taglines mentioned on Twitter, Facebook and other social media forums (not to mention the chants at Trump Rallies), you would have thought Hillary had detonated a nuclear bomb on the entire former Confederate region then organized a worldwide gay parade in the Trump Tower..


This post, one of the more PG I saw, was written by a 55 year old grandmother from St. Louis

Early this year, she was grilled for 11 hours by the GOP Congressional version of the Justice League, with questions so absurd it made sports reporters look like Einsteins.

Could you imagine being a 35 year public servant and having all your contributions reduced to the label of ‘criminal’, ‘killer’ and ‘bitch’? I could possibly imagine this type of labeling in a 1980’s LA gang war, but on a lifelong professional female, much less one contending for the presidency?

If it takes a feminist to lobby on Hillary’s behalf, then call me a feminist. ” A You’ve Come A long way Baby”, quote Gloria Steinem kind of feminist.

Had the shoe been on the other foot, a male candidate would have his opponent deported, on a merciful day.

No one ever labeled George W. Bush a killer, a criminal or a bastard. At least not a label that stuck. The Iraq war cost us over 4500 American lives and more than 30,000 wounded. But no Democratic candidate ever threatened to put President Bush in jail or “hang the bastard”.

No, we don’t speak of our representatives that way unless they have acted on homicidal tendencies. Even then we show restraint of tongue and pen.

This woman hating, character smearing, distortion of all relevant facts went on for 18 months. Hillary didn’t flinch. She was the subject of not one, but two FBI declarations on her _______  _________ use. Innocent of criminal charges both times, the announcement of the last investigation just 10 days before the election with the resolution coming just last Sunday. If this happened to Trump, he would have sued all registered Democrats and the FBI itself.

When Hillary conceded and gave her post-loss formal speech on Wednesday morning, there was no mention of rigged elections, unfair judicial processes or partisan sabotaging of her right to run on real issues. She didn’t blame the bad polling, the TV distortion, the disgusting level of rhetoric about her character.

She didn’t blame a soul, but rather proudly congratulated her opponent and wished him luck going forward.


There is no way she would have received the same consideration had she won.

I’m sure Donald Trump loves America. In becoming president-elect, he has fulfilled the American Dream  and may make that dream possible for others if he becomes his old free-thinking self.

But he sure didn’t act the part during his campaign. He was a bully with an axe to grind against anyone by whom he felt threatened.

Hillary, meanwhile, just went about the business of breaking more barriers and stressing ways she planned to serve the greater good.

I probably meant to be more satirical in this blog, but I have severe post-election fatigue. Maybe politics makes us lose our sense of humor, not to mention our marbles.

Or maybe I too have OCD

I just needed to rant.

Besides, I’m still holding my breath with Trump. This Trump 2.0 tour seems a little sketchy.

I like people to be who they are not some well-refined reality TV character.

I guess thats why #I’m Still With Her. She was meant to win the presidency,  not an Academy Award