I could try to give a concrete picture who I am but life is constantly forcing us to rethink our sense of self. However, if I am the sum product of everything I have experienced, then I am pretty confident that I am someone who enjoys teaching and learning, competing and supporting others who compete, loving and then letting go, and trying to see humor and purpose in everything we do.

The loves of my life are family, tennis, literature, serving others, all the places I have lived and most importantly, God. At times it sounds weird for me to say,even preach about God, but I know in my heart that there is really nothing much else of enduring value without his abundant presence. I sense that I wouldn’t be alive without God and even if I was able to survive in a world without him, I wouldn’t be remotely happy. Which God this is, I will leave up to you to figure out. I just see God as one ultimate force of goodness, one whose infinite wisdom we can access through almost an infinite amount of paths, rituals and traditions.


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